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Today is 101223. Of course you know, by looking ahead to the last day of 2023, that it will be 123123. By then, how many times do you think you’ll hear, “Due to a strategic decision, we’ve decided to…”? Those lenders looking at volumes for the next several months may be wary or even frightened. As if volumes aren’t scary enough, there are only 19 days until Halloween! Where are you going to be trick-or-treating this year? There are some good candidates out there that my cat Myrtle may fly into on her broomstick: Tombstone (AZ), Slaughter Town (LA), and Seven Devils Town (NC) are at the top of her list. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that there are roughly 128.5 million occupied U.S. housing units that could be potential stops for trick-or-treaters. If you’re at one of those and are expecting trick-or-treaters, there are 3,227 U.S. confectionery and nut stores and 726 U.S. formal wear and costume rental establishments. (Today’s podcast can be found here. This week’s is sponsored by NotaryCam, your partner for The Perfect Close! Ease of use, additional closing compliance, better borrower experience, reduced timelines, and cost savings, what is stopping you from getting on the RON train with NotaryCam? Listen to an interview with NotaryCam’s Suzanne Singer on why Remote Online Notarization (RON) hasn’t taken off like many would have hoped.) Lender and Broker Software, Products, and Services “Harness insights from the upcoming MBA Annual Convention and Expo by creating a meaningful strategy for innovation! It can be difficult to buy advancing industry technology anytime during the year, but this can be the best time to introduce a simple, sophisticated, easy-to-implement solution that will solidify your vision for 2024. Our recent blog, ‘Tapping Innovation to Ignite Change Automation for Mortgage Servicing,’ highlights smart workflow, what you’re missing if you haven’t embraced digitization, and how to leverage AI while avoiding the risk of emerging technology. These are important elements of surviving and competing in today’s complex and volatile mortgage landscape. Don’t miss the chance to embrace industry-proven innovation: Let CLARIFIRE® do your heavy lifting while you capture a better approach, better results, and better software… today!”

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